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American Bat Removal was founded in May 2004, by President, David Diaz. American Bat Removal is equipped to provide services for both residential and commercial bat removal. Our professionals are ready to educate customers to ensure their safety. American Bat Removal is the preferred company by local Pest Control and County Animal Control agencies. Our years of experience guarantee that bat removal is successful and deters the bats from returning. American Bat Removal was built on customer satisfaction and offers a 2 year warranty on all bat removal services.

Centrally located in Palm City, we service the entire state of Florida. Our mission is to preserve and protect our bat population around the state. With over 19 different species of bats in Florida and known for their voracious appetites, a single bat may consume up to 3,000 flying insects in a single night. It is because of this special quality, that they have been placed on the protected species list.

American Bat Removal is a conservation company specializing in the removal of bats from homes, buildings and other man-made structures in the state of Florida. Our trained professionals use safe and humane methods to ensure no bats are harmed. Our dedication to high quality work is what distinguishes American Bat Removal from the others. Our goal is not only to protect Florida’s bat population but to ensure our customers satisfaction as well.

Bat extermination is not an option, as bats are a protected species and we removal offer professional bat removal and control. Call today for a free estimate!

It is illegal to kill bats in Florida in accordance with Florida Administrative Code number 68A-4.001 General Prohibitions and 68A-9.010 Taking Nuisance Wildlife. The use of pesticides or poisons for the purpose of harming, killing, or deterring bats is prohibited in the state of Florida. Intentionally hurting or killing them can result in fines of up to $1,000 per bat.


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