Living with the Pain is a statement we hear at Advanced Joint & Spine Center much too often. We are here to help you avoid opioids and surgery for your knee, spine, hip, shoulder and joint pain. We have the latest technology on aiding the body in healing itself. Our goal is to address the issue of joint problems by treating the mis-function occurring in the body. You should be able to live your life the way you want it and not the way you have to because of constant pain.

Have you ever thought about doing something you used to do that you really enjoyed and talked yourself out of it because it just wasn’t worth the pain? What if you didn’t have to live that way? Knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, even foot pain is so draining because you are reminded of it every time you move. There is an alternative to “living with it” or having surgery. The breakdown of a joint, losing cartilage, wearing out a tendon or ligament, leads to bone breakdown and that process is extremely painful.

Our goal is to repair the damaged joint and get you back to doing the things you enjoy and love. This is possible with regenerative medicine. There are several types of regenerative medicines available including using your own blood. Our one-on-one exam followed up by integrated specialties reviewing your case. We compile a treatment plan that not only starts you feeling better but walks you through the entire process as you heal and repair your body. We will be with you every step of the way of your recovery and for life. We will also give you a maintenance plan that you can do at home to help keep you feeling great and living a full life.

The thing that makes us different is that we have different specialties consulting on your case and creating a plan that will work best for you as an individual. If we see your needs change then we reassess and change with you. When you walk through the door we are a part of your injury recovery team.