Florida the Original Ranchland-Indiantown Rodeo

When you watch the rodeo don’t forget that Florida was the first place in the new world where horses and cattle landed more than four centuries ago. The stock has been roamin’ around the ‘Gator State’ since De Soto, the Spanish explorer, landed at Charlotte Harbor on Florida’s west coast in 1531. Rodeos, cowboys and roundups are as natural to Florida as to the far west. The first cowboys were Indians, fine horsemen and skilled riders. This was long before cattle and horses appeared on the western plains of Texas. Even around Indiantown years ago, enormous herds of cattle roamed in their wild state. New blood lines were introduced into Florida some 40 years ago and today the ‘Gator State’ ranks high as a national cattle producer.

Home of the Indiantown Rodeo Celebrating 70 years

For Many Years, at least as far back as 1947, Indiantown hosted one of the nation’s most prominent rodeos in its historic rodeo bowl. The 1966 Circle T Ranch Championship Rodeo drew 18,000 fans from 41 states to Indiantown. In Recent years, the Indiantown Rodeo tradition continued at Timer Powers Park under the sponsorship of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. We are proud to host the counties only Annual Rodeo in affiliation with the prestigious Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA). The 2017 Indiantown Rodeo is professionally produced by the 4L Rodeo Company and is made possible by our generous sponsors and the countless hours donated by our community volunteers.