The Lice Boutique™ will educate you how to stay lice free after your treatment. Training on lice prevention, specific products, including simple and fast procedures for you and your home, will ensure your trip to The Lice Boutique™ is a one-time event! You will leave The Lice Boutique™ knowing more about lice than you ever expected to learn!The Lice Boutique™ offers an unconditional 30-day lice free guarantee to anyone treated in our boutique. The guarantee only specifies that the treated individual has all family members in the same household head-checked at The Lice Boutique™ and comes for the two post-treatment re-checks.FREE HEAD CHECKS FOR LIFE. If you have received a lice removal treatment from The Lice Boutique™, we will perform a free lice head check. If you ever itch or wonder if you have been exposed to lice again, come on in and we will happily check you ANYTIME, FREE OF CHARGE, FOREVER.